Pharmaceutical Industry

WareSoft has been designing and delivering solutions for pharmaceutical companies for over ten years. During this time we have realized that our most successful projects involved cooperation and coordination with both the business departments and the IT departments. We feel we can offer a unique ability to speak in both business terms and technology terms. This enables us to bridge a gap that sometimes exists between the IT and business groups. During this time we have also acquired a thorough understanding of the systems pharmaceutical companies utilize to conduct their internal business activities. We have worked with SAP, SAP BW, SAP Portal, CARS/IS, Sales Works, Prescient, and a vast array of internally developed systems. One of our main activities in the solutions development area is extending these systems internally or to an online community. Two of the departments in the healthcare industry we have worked closely with are Customer Services and Trade Operations.

Customer Services
We have developed and deployed solutions for customer services that have brought enriched SAP data to their customers. These solutions have been well received by Wholesalers, Physicians, Hospitals, and Pharmacies because of the additional service level they provide via online features such as product availability, order inquiry, shipment tracking, and order entry. These systems tend to be rather complex due to the nature of interfacing with SAP or special business rule processing. In each of the systems we have built-in advanced security to ensure a user only has access to their specific information.

Trade Operations
With the evolution and changes in the area of inventory management we have worked closely with the trade operations groups to assist in setting up their internal systems for the processing and reporting of external channel data. We have constructed both data validation and reporting systems. Channel data validation has notoriously been a struggle for most manufacturers to get into their internal systems. We have developed what we feel is a robust approach to addressing many of these data related issues. Through a combination of one our data specialists and our preprocessing data system, a company can quickly develop systems that interpret the incoming data and perform complex data validation routines to ensure the integrity of the incoming data. For reporting, we have designed and developed custom ad hoc and batch reporting routines for scorecarding and channel trend analysis.