Online Customer Services

Customers have come to expect online "self-help" for ordering and tracking

WareSoft has the capabilities and experience to either upgrade your existing online system or build a custom solution to provide your customers the online tools they have come to expect. We have designed, created, and maintained several Customer Service focused websites. This experience has enabled us to develop a model for which to get you started with. We can quickly help you identify and develop the execution plan to include the features, functions, and security demanded from this type of website. Once we perform the initial analysis of your particular situation, we can build upon the starting model to meet your unique product lines, business relationships, and internal processes.

Common Features

  • User Administration
  • Authentication and Authorization Security
  • Order Management (Orders, Shipments, Tracking, Invoices, Returns)
  • Product Information (Product Detail, Availability, MSDS, Product News)
  • Customer Services News and Reports
  • Batch Interface to pull Master Data (Products, Customers, Carriers)
  • Web Services to provide real time access to Orders and Shipments

Key Benefits

  • Provide 24/7 support to customers
  • Open dialog with customers
  • Ability to add features as your business changes
  • Use your internal IT technology standards
  • Utilize internal Master Data to reduce data redundancy and maintenance
  • Custom build plan, Big Bang or Staged Releases
  • Natural training and development through active participation on project