Systems Integration

WareSoft provides services across the spectrum of Systems Integration. These services include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Business System Requirements
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Solutions Implementation
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Strategy Development

All enterprise systems require coordination and interaction between various departments in an organization in order to be effectively deployed. The initial planning stages allow for understanding the landscape in which the system needs to be operated within and the business goals the system is set out to achieve. This initial strategy development allows other departments to become aware and have input into systems design. WareSoft performs Strategy Development activities with its clients to ensure the business objectives and solutions designs are in alignment.

Business System Requirements

Capturing realistic accurate attainable requirements is a key component to any systems design. This is an iterative process that is at the core to communicating what the system is actually going to provide. WareSoft performs Business System Requirements gathering and analysis services that include capturing data requirements, workflow process requirements, and business scenario process requirements.

Solutions Architecture

Understanding and designing within an organization’s existing architecture is another key component to avoiding downstream issues. Most often this will not get caught until it comes time to deploy. WareSoft performs Solutions Architecture services with its clients to ensure a solution is appropriately architected to fit into a company’s infrastructure. These activities include data modeling, technology selection, overall systems design, and interface design.

Solutions Implementation

Transforming the business system requirements and solutions architecture into a working system is where industry knowledge and IT technology meet to produce a tangible result. WareSoft offers Solutions Implementation services with highly-skilled, industry knowledgeable IT professionals. These activities include programming, testing, and deploying.

Testing and Quality Assurance

WareSoft offers testing services to assist our clients in validating systems development work. These services include creating test plans, creating test scripts, executing test scripts, and documenting test results.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

WareSoft offers Ongoing Support and Maintenance services once a system is deployed and enters its maintenance cycle. These services include technology upgrades, enhancement work, system monitoring, and master data maintenance.